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Today, we live in a world of Collaborative Journalism, where the key is that stringer based in that remote location where the actual change is taking place. A change which is facilitating information to travel through different mediums to reach out and become viral. And this is happening on the ground, creating new level of transparency and accountability, which we all must accept to be a part of our lives hereafter.

Check out how Paul Lewis demonstrates the power of Collaborative Journalism through this video.

As the head of multimedia special projects at The Guardian, Paul Lewis worked on the cases of political refugee Jimmy Mubenga, whose 2010 death on an airplane was attributed to illness until Lewis and Matthew Taylor gathered crowdsourced information revealing he died of asphyxiation by security guards, and Ian Tomlinson, whose death at the 2009 G20 protests in London was officially said to be caused by a heart attack. Lewis collected footage from other people who’d been at the event to show that Tomlinson, a bystander, had been assaulted and killed by riot police.

This talk was published in May 14, 2011 at TedxThessaloniki