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Source : sjawards.aaas.org

AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards have been recognizing excellence in science journalism since 1945. It  accepts entries from journalists worldwide in all categories. Nearly 40 percent of its winners in 2015 — the inaugural year of the global competition — were international entrants.

The 2016 contest is now underway. The contest year is 16 July 2015 to 15 July 2016. The entry deadline is 1 August 2016. There is no entry fee. Please read the Contest Rules and Frequently Asked Questions before submitting.

The awards program, started in 1945, encourages better public understanding of science and its impact. The media landscape may change, but the need for probing, informed science journalism remains the same.

Since their inception in 1945, the AAAS Science Journalism Awards have honored distinguished reporting on science by professional journalists. The awards, an internationally recognized measure of excellence in science journalism, go to individuals (rather than institutions, publishers or employers) for coverage of the sciences, engineering and mathematics.

In recognition of a generous endowment in 2009 by The Kavli Foundation that ensured the future of the program, the awards are now called the AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards. Kavli doubled the endowment in 2015, allowing us for the first time to make the competition truly international. All categories of the competition are now open to journalists doing work for independent news organizations around the globe. As always, independent judging committees select the winning entries based on scientific accuracy, initiative, originality, clarity of interpretation, and value in fostering a better public understanding of science and its impact.

The awards are presented every year at the AAAS Annual Meeting in February. In each category, there are now two awards: Gold, with a prize of $5,000, and Silver, with a prize of $3,500. AAAS will reimburse winners for reasonable travel and hotel expenses. In cases of multiple authors or producers, only one person’s travel expenses will be covered.

Entrants agree that, if they win, they will attend the awards ceremony, unless prevented by circumstances beyond their control.

Contact at sja@aaas.org. Follow on Twitter@AAASKavli.