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MRUC (Media Research Users Council)  announced the release of IRS 2019-Q2 data. The 2019-Q2 data is a rolling average of the last 2 quarters of IRS 2017 (Q3+Q4) and the first two quarters of IRS 2019 (Q1+Q2). IRS 2019Q2 fieldwork covers April 2019 through July 2019. The reporting sample size for this data is 3.36 Lakh Households.

The report reveals that Reach of print, television, radio and cinema vis-à-vis the previous IRS quarter, largely remains unchanged. Internet as a notable exception continues to grow. Consumption of news on digital platforms is on the rise. And whilst Total Readership (TR) of publication remains steady, Average Issue Readership (AIR) has seen a marginal decline.

Declining AIR of Hindi and Regional Dailies:

The decline of AIR between Hindi and Regional dailies are visibly a continuing trend while the English dailies managed hold itself without any fall in AIR. Compression of Read Yesterday – AIR between IRS 2017, IRS 2019Q1 and IRS 2019Q2 shows that the All India AIR percentage of Hindi dailies had fallen from 7.2 to 7.1 to 6.7 per cent respectively, while Regional dailies has fallen from 8.7 to 8.4 to 8.1 respectively.

Similarly, the AIR percentage of Hindi dailies in URBAN markets had fallen from 10.7 to 10.5 to 10.1 per cent respectively, while Regional dailies in URBAN has fallen from 14.9 to 14.1 to 13.5 per cent respectively.

The declining trend was similar in Rural AIR of Hindi and Regional dailies while English dailies managed to hold on with neither growth nor drop in its AIR.

In terms of Magazine Readership, the TR and AIR of Magazine remained unchanged across India.

Top Hindi dailies like DainikJagran and Hindustan were visibly reflecting the declining trend with their TR and AIR dropping considerably. The TR of DainikJagran has dropped from 73673 in IRS 2019Q1 to 72559 in IRS 2019Q2. The AIR of DainkJagran has fallen from 20256 (IRS 2019Q1) to 18146 (IRS 2019Q2)

The TR of Hindustan has dropped from 54696 in IRS 2019Q1 to 52866 in IRS 2019Q2. The AIR of Hindustan has fallen from 18422 (IRS 2019Q1) to 15716 (IRS 2019Q2).