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Source : Medianews4U

The fourth edition of Barc & Neilsen report on their insights into TV, smartphone and audience behaviour across India highlighting the changes during the COVID-19 period.

The total TV consumption in week 14 recorded 38% growth over pre-COVID-19 at 1.2 trillion minutes, the viewership growth was led by both average time spent and reach. The report also mentioned that people watching TV for all seven days increased to 47%.

However, the overall Free Commercial Time (FCT) volume across TV medium has dropped by 26% in week 14 versus pre-COVID-19 period.

News genre survived the onslaught as it witnessed just1% drop in week 14 as compared to others while GEC witnessed a drop of 34%, followed by movies with a drop of 43%. Other genres like Music, Kids, Infotainment, etc also witnessed a declining trend.

The report highlighted that the overall FCT fell from 28 million seconds to 20 million seconds in the given week and the drop was seen across genres.

The report also highlighted that EEC witnessed 19% growth in Week 14 over pre COVID 19 period as compared to other GEC’s. Tamil GEC witnessed a huge downfall of 52%.

The ad volume for essential categories continues to be the highest daily FCT contributor and also it mentioned that social ads grew exponentially during the COVID-19 period.