Can design save newspapers?

Jacek Utko is a little-known newspaper designer whose redesigns not only win awards, but increase circulation by up to 100%. Can good design save the newspaper? It just might.

The future of news media is in our hands 

Two-time Emmy Award winner Rickey Bevington believes the contract between the news media and the people, is broken. In this heartfelt talk, Rickey lays out how restoring this contract will require us to become savvier consumers of news.

How to read news paper : A perspective of ‘Want to be an IAS’

The slow journalism revolution | Rob Orchard 

News journalism has changed fundamentally in the last 20 years. Editor Rob Orchard of Delayed Gratification magazine uses seven headlines to trace the corrosive effect of disinvestment and hyper-speedy digital news dissemination and to call for a Slow Journalism revolution.

Investigative Journalism Has Become a Dangerous Pursuit in India:N Ram

Henry Jenkins: Spreadable content makes the consumer king

How To Shoot and Use Citizen Journalism Content

Empowering The Local Journalists Of India | Gangadhar Patil

Journalist-turned-entrepreneur Gangadhar Patil speaks about the untapped potential of rural journalism in India and why he quit his stable job with a top national daily to start a platform that would give mainstream exposure to rural reporters. In the past four years, his news startup has put spotlight on hundreds of rural stories that inform, entertain and shock.