Share Talks & Tools

 This is  a community knowledge sharing platform.

Be a part of  Creative Commons’ Exchange.

Share your “Talks & Tools ” With  GJ.


This is to share ‘talks and tools’ related to the basic idea of journalism, to promote excellence and awareness among media professionals, students, researchers,individuals and experts. Senior Journalist-Editor-Author  Yashwant Vyas has created  this platform along with a  community of media learners and  experts.

We request to follow these points before any submission by our contributors-


*  Grassroot  Journalist  welcomes  original  research  papers.These articles must be no more than 5,000 words, including notes and references. Special articles should be accompanied by an abstract of a maximum of 150 words.

General contributions

*  Short contributions on contemporary subjects, developments, events ideally be between 1,000 and 1,500 words.

* Share the must read sources, on-line or off-line. Original source, credits,links and proper information should be there to respect the source of knowledge. Common creative exchange is not for private profits.

Notice Board

*  Notice  Board  section  carries  information  and  reports.

Information related to    Fellowships, Admissions, Scholarships, Study Programmes ,Workshops and general activities in the field of media and communication is to be sent us within proper time. It can be flashed on GJ website and in print according to relevance.

Confabulations and Assignments

*  GJ sends out books for review, assign interviews, plans subject centric discussions and dialogue, promote talks, confabulation and symposiums, encourage survey based reports and out of box stories.  Grassroot Journalist does not normally accept unsolicited Interviews, Surveys or Book Reviews. Prior permission will help us to ensure the consideration.

Media communicators, Students and Institutions

*  Media communicators, students and institutions may share research and experimental activities on GJ Round Table sec- tion. GJ Website also tries to help as a sharing platform.


*  Contributions should be sent preferably by email. Receipt of articles will be acknowledged by email.

*Contributions with immediate relevance would be considered for early publication. Please note that this is a matter of purely editorial judgement. Editorial board reserves the final say. It is abiding to all.

*  Writers are requested to provide full details for correspondence: postal address, phone numbers and email address.

*  Copyright of all articles published in the Journal belongs to the author, original source or to the organization. No published article or part thereof should be reproduced in any form without prior permission of the author(s) and original sources.

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